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Among many other interesting projects we have successfully accompanied the following:


Feasibility study timber industry - evaluation of a massive timber construction system


Not only the technical details of this special product and its manufacturing concept should be considered, but also the application-related  aspects of the product. Création Durable analyzed this system according to conceptual, mechanical, application and economic aspects as well as building physics and static aspects and evaluated it in comparison to a standard product. The market, its development and characteristics as well as a forecast for its future significance were part of the study. The alternative timber construction system was not convincing. In the meantime, the customer has decided to invest in a standard solution.

3-phase model mechanical engineering - introduction of collaborative robots of an innovative French SME in Germany


A feasibility study in Germany has confirmed the interest of the German market in tool and load manipulators for SMEs. In addition to potential customers from the areas of metal casting, automotive, glass and construction elements, associations and other interest groups such as professional associations were also surveyed. Création Durable then developed a business model and a multi-stage business plan for entering the German market. This is currently being implemented by Création Durable. Once the first marketing activities have been completed, the first key accounts are contacted. The manipulators are to be exhibited for the first time at a trade fair.

Market and Competition Analysis Supplier for Furniture Industry - European Markets and their Participants

In a study for the branch of a German group, the 5 main markets DACH, F and Italy with their segments, volumes, sales channels and distribution channels to the end customer were analysed. In addition, 6 other European sales markets were recorded by volume. In addition, the European competitors with their value chains were examined and the Asian influence was highlighted and evaluated. Following the analysis, the customer commissioned Création Durable with a product portfolio analysis and expanded its premium strategy

Market analysis plywood in Europe - substitution possibilities through structural panel products

The European plywood market with its various segments and products was prepared for a globally active customer. Subsequently, substitution possibilities with constructive wood-based materials were analyzed and corresponding product proposals made. In addition, product diversifications for certain high-price export markets with special requirements for engineered wood were presented.

Product portfolio analysis Supplier furniture industry - Branch of a German group

Based on a market and competition analysis in the European market, the client's product portfolio was to be analysed. In addition, alternative products should ensure the long-term independence of the location. Synergy products can be placed with the current programme at European customers visited by Création Durable. An Eastern Europe strategy through partnerships and/or acquisitions can enable additional sales channels in the discount sector. Online sales offer further options. Products for the construction sector can contribute to the long-term safeguarding of locations.